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  1. Hi Viper, Normally you should have it in English as well. I will check it. Cheers, Alex
  2. Thanks for the hint guys! Cheers, Alex
  3. Hi Kain, I can't see the pics. Can you forward them to my email alejandro.diaz@aerosoft.de? Regards, Alex
  4. Hi Patrick, Probably the problem comes from the FS Global. Try to deactivate FS global on the scenery library and see if the airport comes back to normal. Regards, Alex
  5. Hi Daniel, Sorry for the delay. I checked it and i don't have the issue. :s Regards, Alex
  6. HI Dim, Do you mean that AI planes passes thru the others while taxing? Regards, Alex
  7. Ok, lets try to see it tomorrow with the guys at the office. Cheers, Alex
  8. Hi Daniel and the other guys If you let me check it tomorrow morning i will take a look and see what's doing that effect. Cheers, Alex
  9. Thanks Herman for the help. Regards, Alex
  10. Hi, Can you check please and run the FSFK in administrator mode and then try again? Regards, Alex
  11. Hi Benni, I will try to install it on my FS9 and take a look on it. Regards, Alex
  12. Hi Guys, Actually AES is even better than the default animations FSX do on the jetways. It's true you have to spend a little bit more but the advantages worth the price of the credits. It really changes the way you will see/feel your airports. Regards, Alex
  13. Hi Scu, Which version of FS do you use? I got it installed WOAI and i can see the traffic without problems. Regards, Alex
  14. Hi Marvic, Even if using Aes needs to spend a little bit more, it gives to you more animations and more realism on the airport. You couldn't have this with only the effect of default airports of moving jetways which sometines don't even work well. With a single pack of AES credits you can use it for around 3 big airports or 4-5 middle size ones. It's a good deal and you will have fonctions like: De-icing, boarding, deboarding, catering, cleaning trucks, stairs, cargo cars, marshallers, pushback, etc. It's quite a nice tool. Regards, Alex
  15. Hi Magnus, Actually that's true, we're allow to sell only the box version. Regards, Alex
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