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Djerba X FS2004


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Hello everybody,

I hope I'm posting in the right forum...

I bought and installed Djerba X for FS2004. after some testing I've found that this (rather small) scenery is quite heavy on FPS compare to other X scenery such as Paris-Orly X or Nice X.

Would it be possible to have a patch (similar to Paris-Orly X for exemple) to have some textures resized down, or something else, to improve FPS??

Thanks a lot and keep up with your good work...


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One question if i may. I brught this scenery a while ago and i really can't bare to use it. The performance is seriously a problem for me and it has nothing to do with the shadows. I have a very powerful 6 core system with 8 gb of corsair 2000mhz 3gb graphics card and a amd phenom 11 x6 @4.0 ghz dont like this scenery i really want my money back because i just can't fly in it...

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Hello Y'all, hello Thorsten,

First of all, an update has been released but no announcement... We knew that an update was on the way but no information whatsoever about the release. Lack of communication again.

Then concerning framerate issue before/after release of the update, here is 2 screenshots that will say more than words :

Yes, you see it well : 148 FPS drop from looking 90° from Djerba then straight at it !!!!

And this is without any weather nor AI !! (it's dropping well below 10FPS if I add clouds layer and I'm not even talking about AI).

I never had such a drop with any other scenery (Monastir, Orly X, Nice X, JFK FsDreamteam, Budapest, Kaitak Tampa, etc...).

Now, will you still telling me that it is a shadow option issue?? I really doubt it if not all other scenery I mentionned above would have the same issue...

Don't want to be a bad guy here but it is obvious that there is an issue here...

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Hello Thorsten,

Sorry to duplicate post but I am confuse as where to continue the discussion. In this forum or in the FlightSimDevGroup forum?

My spec :

Acer Predator Aspire G7700

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83Ghz

8 Gb Memory

DirectX 11

Vista Home Premium 64bits

FS9.1 with 4Gb special patch

2 X Nvidia GeForce 9600GT (2 x 4Gb memory)

24" Acer G24 screen

For my FS9 settings :

Absolutely all FS9 sliders set to MAX (including shadow option). FPS locked at 35 FPS

Not using AI as I'm flying on IVAO

Using ActiveSky 6.5 (unlimited number of clouds layers)

I'm using Ultimate Terrain Europe (set to MAX) and worlwide MESH by FsGlobal 2008

AES, Orly X, CDG Payware, Kaitak Tampa, JFK FsDreaTeam, etc...

Wilco Airbus, PMDG MD11, SSTSIM Concorde, F100 DA, etc...

With this configuration and as an exemple, I have about 15-20 FPS at Orly X daylight with several clouds layers, rain, AES, some AI from IVAO, weather radar from RealityXP, and payware aircraft like Wilco Airbus or PMDG MD11 (would be around 25 FPS if clear weather).

For Djerba, totally clear weather, no Ultimate Terrain, no AI traffic, and basic freeware aircraft I've got barely 10 FPS with the update. If I add ActiveSky weather (some clouds layers) and payware aircraft then it go down around 5-10 FPS. Almost impossible to use this scenery in this case, and actually I only used DjerbaX for testing.

If I remove the shadow option, I have around 8 FPS more (I've got about the same on other payware sceneries). Still below other scenery average FPS. Especially when we consider the (rather) small size of the scenery (compared to JFK FsDreamTeam for exemple).

I bought the scenery at Aerosoft.

As for the update, I confirm that there is one available on Aerosoft.

Keep working hard mate, I'm sure you will find a way to improve performance once for good... emoticon-0105-wink.gif


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Did you read the manual of the update?

In short: Most other addon scenery addons disable shadows on their objects to give a fps boost (and take away the decision of having shadows from the user). So you can't compare Djerba and those addons if you have shadows enabled.

You write that you have similar frames as other payware addons if you disable the shadows. Now you could argue that a smaller airport should have better fps. We argue different: if you're happy with your fps on a big airport in a dense area, then you're surely happy with the same framerate on an airport like this. So we made use of the additional resources we get from the remote area to put those resources into more details and more objects. There are some things in Djerba that you will find on no other airport addon like the complex phone poles and cables.

Now this should not sound like an excuse, but I don't think it's fair to compare apples and oranges (=addons with/without shadows).

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I have never ever enabled my scenery shadows in my whole experience of FSX there is certianly something wrong with this somewhere ... Don't get me wrong beautiful scenery just wish it was usable... Regard Steve

now i have noticed you have released an update 1.10 does that solve the problem with the frames....

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Hello Steve,

Yes, the 1.10 update improve the FPS a lot... Got somewhere around 2 to 3 FPS increase!! (not joking) :mecry_s:

Still got FPS well below the biggest add-on sceneries I have.

Don't get me wrong, the scenery is beautyful but way too hard on FPS.

The cables between the poles are nice but probably way too hard on the FPS. Maybe an option to remove or not those cables might be a good idea.

Another idea that might work is another option to decrease the light poles numbers (maybe 1 out of 2). That might work as well.

That might be stupid ideas as I dont know much about scenery creation... :unsure:



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There is a tool to adjust the scenery density to your likes, in fact it is even built into FS9 and FSX! Just make use of the scenery density slider. I know most developers disregard this, just like the shadow option, but that does not keep us from strongly regarding it. The scenery density slider has only one target: give the user control over how many details he wants to see on an airport or another custom scenery. As one of rather few development teams we create our airports so that this slider actually makes sense: you'll never miss important parts of the scenery if you use medium or medium-high settings, you just lower the number of total objects, so you'll first lose phone poles, parts of the vegetation and some vehicles and so on.

Try it, you'll like it. ;)

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