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New Year ambition

Ian Pearse

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One of my ambitions for this next year is to get a property at Andras, saves commuting in for my AMA flights! You don't offer an instalment plan do you? :lol: I'll start putting the pennies away.

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Well well. seems that plots are becoming quite popular again. I love that. Ill see what I can do in the plots department as soon as possible.

And that goes as an answer for all interested in plots at the moment. Keep those requests coming. We love new people in Andras Field. :big_boss_s:

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Alright guys, I can find something like 2 or perhaps 3 possible houses just yet, so PM me if you are interested in one, BUT - before you do, I want to tell you that we are going to build AF up with some very exciting ideas this year.

First one will be a Venice-type suburb and will home perhaps 20-30 people in houses on stilts... This probably in the next two months time...

Second we will make Andras Village - pretty far south of Andras Field, by the lakeside.... Not sure exactly where, but expect this in the summer.

Then perhaps even a Fort Lauderdale-style houseboat-by-peers suburb, with a place to tie your Seaplane - so we can get the Seaplane base with water runway revived... probably in the fall - if made.

And in the meantime - a second runway is a must have, with all the new inhabitants... This will be made during the spring-summer if I have anything to say about the matter, and I do...

SO - I can find a very few houses, but if you care to wait a bit, you might head for something different in Andras Field community.

Let me know...

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