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Blowing some life back into this old thread...

Since flying online again this week with some nice folks has whetted my online appetite again, I hereby have a suggestion which I myself intend to follow strictly:

Whenever I'm flying, either offline or online, I'll at least be online on the Aerosoft Teamspeak server. That way a very spontaneous online flight can be set up, just by asking me (or anyone) on the TS channel. A server is set up in no time and enough fun can be had. I had a very nice flight this week with just Dave (aka Habit109), which inspired me to start this.

So, if you are flying sim on FSX (but Rise of Flight could also do for instance), just also be logged in on the Aerosoft Teamspeak server.

If everybody here does this, there will most likely be a lot more action at EAFS or other fields online than we've had before.

If you're asked to come online flying but can't, or maybe first want to finish your offline flight, that's fine too ofcourse.

This idea is just for presenting more opportunities to fly online with eachother.

What say you?

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