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3D Flight Engineer's Panel

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Very Impressive!!!

This light-shade effect makes me skeptic of, how it will 'show' after the gauges have been added.

I like 'darker' versions without flood light.


Well, the problem is that the A300 doesnt have integral lights on the FE panel like the newer Airbuses do. So the lettering itself is not lit. Therefore - no floods, no lights?! ;) or do it get something wrong here? ;) of course, I could make a darker version also... if the demand for it is there.


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So with all new stuff implemented, the performance got even better! (compared to the flat "all active gauge surface FE panel) ;) Still need to bring the 3D switches alive and connect them to their appropriate variables and functionality. However, performancewise that will have no impact ;)


Day, Dusk/Dawn and Night ;)


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Thanks for the info.

The second set of shots looks even more impressive and flood lighting looks much better.


Is there any preview of the new "dark" forward panel ?

P.S.: I found this. Just for info

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I love this! Not an airbus fan, but I got to get this one. Would love to see an 747 classic done by you! :)

Anyway, any idea how long the SP2 with this beautifull flight engineer's panel will take? :)


We are working hard on the VC update, most of the switches have now been modeled and are working as expected , still need to do a few but hopefully this will not take too long.

Sorry I can't be more specific but it's a very big task we are working on.


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I'd like to wish everyone here Happy New Year !!!@#!$#%, Love your work,and the model. My only wish is to have Bigger Primary Flight Displays in

the virtual cockpit Please.


WinPro 7/64, Amd PhenmonII 965 Black, ATI 5870, 4gigs 1600mhz fsb,

Cougar Hotas Realsimmulator Force Sonsor Stick, Simped rudders.

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