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Another Dillingham, HI Flight


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Thanks Scott - nicely done. Can you list the programs/addons that went into the movie? It looked like TrackIR, but I'm not sure what video recording software you used - it was good though. And I was impressed the way the tow plane moved around and I'm guessing that was CumulusX but not sure. Is your Dillingham from Aerosoft?

Cheers - B21

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If I had better frame rates, I would definitely get Aerosoft's Dillingham, but I am using the default FSX version so as not to dampen frame rates too much. I have been trying out a freeware screen capturing program (Livestream Procaster) that works as a "LIVE" broadcaster in hopes that I could somehow "televise" events that I have not been able to bring about. But the program doesn't screencapture as good and as well as freeware Debut does.

I am using the freeware FreeTrack v2.2 for my head movement. The head gear that I use cost me something like $15 back then, but can be made much cheaper (or much more expensive as ones budget allows) today and the experience is priceless.

I am still using the freeware version of CumulusX!, so the towplane is controlled only through the use of buttons and controls on the flight equipment that I have using this procedure. I have since graduated to a much more intense flight system (Logitech G940) which is by no means free, but I had relatives that had really loved me and I decided that some of their generosity would go into some enjoyment in my life.

And the terrain mesh is freeware also, most of which I have gotten through Simviation's terrain mesh for FSX, and here for FS2004 / FS2002 / FS2000.

The aircraft is one of Wolfgang's many freeware found here and here, the Glaser-Dirks DG-202 (17m).


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I also forgot to mention an important one for modifying the lighting, like around clouds is most noticable, it really brings the sim that much closer to being "alive" inside FSX/FS2004, the ENB series graphics is FREEWARE and one of those MUST HAVES that I don't want to live without anymore.

And one more thing, hope this is the last one, but the ocean/lake colors and effects were changed a long time ago with a freeware download. I'll have to look that one up, because that may be one of the lost files from AVSIM. It was freeware, but it only stayed in effect for a few minutes for me, so I think what I had to do was copy the files that had a change to them, and then reinstall them, I really don't recall right now.

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