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How long time does it take to get the license key?

Normaly whit Aerosoft you get it instant

I bought it and was eager to test it out, but i do not find any lisence key in my account or in mailbox


Normally it should be near instant as you say and I see now problems on the site at this moment (other then that it is rather busy).

Check you spambox and when you see no mail you can always pick up your serial and download link on the order history page.

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OK I might be a little more stupid than the average man, but - the directors can only apply..... for WHAT? - after they bought a plot.

Please enlighten me what the directors cannot apply for - until they have bought a plot. I dont get it.

You are right of course, I'll change that.

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by the way, how will the regula update modus work? via patches over the update / faq section or is there another one?

PS: downlaoding as I write, can hardly wait to see it installed :D

We'll use standard zips for the incremental updates that will happen at least weekly (1.01, 1,02 etc).

Every month we'll bundle all of it into new builds with an new installed (1.10, 1.20 etc)

All these updates will be shared as always via the FAQs/Updates section of the site.

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