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Don Hamilton

Soaring the Andes

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FSX soaring flight from Pucon, Chile to El Bolsen, Argentina.

Type Of Soaring Flight...Free Flight (Non mission Flight)

Aircraft.......... DG 808

Pilot..............Don Hamilton

Lift Used......... Default FSX lift

Distance..........about 180 miles.

Notes.............Soaring flight started near the summit of Vulcon Vallarrica at about 9,000 ft. after taking off from the Pucan airstrip.


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Another flight continuing south from Llanada Grande, Chile.

FSX soaring flight from Llanada, Chile to Alto Palena Chile.

Type of soaring flight....Free flight (non mission flight)


Pilot.................Don Hamilton

Lift Used.............Default FSX lift

Distance..............about 110 miles


Soaring flight started after slewing to 5,000 ft. above Llanada Grande Airstrip.


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Don, I guess I'm confused with FSX and slope soaring. I thought in order to have slope lift available, a person needed to create it. Were these flights slope or thermal flights, or both?

When I forget to turn on CCS2004, I get no lift in the ridge area I'm flying in. But with it turned on, I do. Did Microsoft add slope lift to FSX in certain areas of the world?

Also, I guess I assumed a person could only slope soar in "missions". Did I assume this wrong?


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I am using the default thermal lift on these Andes flights.


Thanks for clearing that up for me, although, I started getting my hopes up that Microsoft added slope lift with SP1. I haven't soared but a few times since I downloaded it because I've been flying powered flight looking at scenery and also adding this P-38 to my collection. I'm really looking forward to the fall release in hopes of joining or even possible planning soaring events in multiplayer competition. I had this plane so I painted it up for pylon racing. The car is from the NR2003 sim.


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