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Staff Positions Open at SOAR

Don Hamilton

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We would like to open some staff positions and if any of you are interested please contact either myself or Karen. Please consider volunteering to help - let's make SOAR the best virtual soaring site on the web.

:star: :star: :star: These are the positions we have in mind:

:star: Technical Director

Deals with all the technical/programming issues. Moderates several forums and also steps in wherever he/she sees a need. This person needs to be a team player that enjoys sharing ideas with other team members and has a good positive outlook. He/She should be a user of Microsoft Flight Sim (preferably FSX) but is without prejudice against other flight sim platforms.

:star: Public Relations Director

We need someone that is interested in promoting and telling others about SOAR, writing some articles for magazines, etc. Just basically letting others know we exist.

:star: Liason (for each flight sim)

This person would moderate the appropriate forum and spread the word about our forum to other soaring pilots in the other sims. (have noticed for example that the soaring posts just get lost at the x-plane forum, but there are definitely folks interested in soaring, perhaps they would want to join SOAR) Also, this person would keep us updated on news, downloads, events, etc. related to his specific sim so we could update our web pages.

:star: Event Director (for each flight sim)

This person would organize and manage events.

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