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Malaga Professional - Missing ILS Rwy 31


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I just tried an ILS approach at Malaga's Rwy 31, but didn't get an ILS signal. Simulator is P3d v4.5 and the aircraft (which shouldn't matter) was the FSL A320. Is there a fix for that? I found none so far. The hotfix list does adress some SODE/VDGS problems obviously, but not the ILS.

Thanks in advance.


Regards, Dominik

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

This is the correct frequency, which is also part of the scenery. And I can see it. So maybe it is an FSL problem.

Did you dialin the freq or do you get it from the navdatabase?

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First I got it from the navdatabase. When I noticed that it didn't work, I put it in manually again, with the same result. I'm gonna try it with some other aircraft and report back. So far, the FSL Airbus had been very reliable with these things.

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