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CRJ Knob acceleration

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I use SPAD with a RealSimGear knob.  I've read through a lot of the threads of folks on the topic but I'm having a lot of problems with the knobs accelerating past the altitude I'm trying to set.  I have to stop changing the altitude and then, very slowly, move it to the correct altitude.  I'm wondering if folks have found a way to turn off or reduce the amount of acceleration of the knob inside the airplane?



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I use SPAD with the GoFlight MCP-Pro knob and have the same issue, it accelerates past the desired flight level and you have to adjust back and forth to zero in on the altitude value.  It definitely works in setting the flight level, but annoying and time consuming to have to fine tune it.




Hoping there is a better method to adjust the flight level.



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  • Aerosoft


I don't know Spad well, but I would try if possible adding a 50 or 100 msec delay

after sending each Lvar command.


If may prevent one pulse of the encoder being long enough

to trigger multiple send commands.


Just a guess, as I don't know how Spad handles that.


Best regards.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried adding in SPAD both 50 and 100 msec delays for incrementing and decrementing the altitude knob.  It does slow the rapid increase and decrease down but skips over digits, so fine tuning became an issue to land on exactly what I wanted to set.  I removed the delays and went back to before, which is working but as said earlier, just merely annoying.  I will experiment more.


Again much appreciation....

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