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HSI issues fixed. Coming soon

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I have no idea why the other thread was closed down as it was far from finished.

But I've figured out the issues with the GPS Approach Mode and have enhanced the Instrument Template file.

In GPS mode with a 530W you can expect +/- 2nm sensitivity in enroute, +/- 1nm in terminal, and +/-0.3 nm in approach mode.

There's a bit too much "we don't know how to do this" or "maybe sometime lol" and as this is the second bug I've personally fixed (with zero prior programming knowledge) in a few short hours today, and up to I-don't-know-how-many since release, I'll probably just keep these fixes to my mod and go a bit quiet around here. Expect an update with this addition a little later.

CCM's Twin Otter sound/flight model/autopilot mods » Microsoft Flight Simulator


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vor 8 Stunden , CanadianCaptainMoustache sagte:

go a bit quiet around here

Thanks a lot!
Just in case you later open a thread on the Twin Otter in a real hobby flightsimmer forum to exchange thoughts and optimizations, please let me know.  I would be very happy to follow that.

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