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  1. testorius


    According to the original manual DHC-6 300, it is recommended to change the inverters daily. It would be nice if this switch was animated for the next update. A function does not have to be programmed behind it. It would just be a nice detail in the sense of a realistic checklist. Thank you.
  2. Solved 🙂 In contrast to the first attempts, I have now directly touched the configuration file in the Aerosoft One directory and deleted the two lines there. Maybe not nice and possibly not fully customized, but it works. The original config was saved before.
  3. During the external check of the H145, no pilot sits in the cockpit, which makes sense. I would like to set this up for the twotters as well, but so far I'm stuck with a manipulation in the pilot section of the config file. Is the option of removing the pilots basically excluded, or does anyone know a viable way?
  4. Thanks to your help, everything worked fine. 🙂 Here is the result of your engegement (Speech only, without keys). One more question about the people in the cockpit. How do I get them invisible? Edit You can only hear the system sound now in window mode for the movie. It has disappeared in the in-game full screen. 🙂
  5. Grandiose, this was exactly the missing building block. Create in AAO a script, assign keys and I can address them via VoiceAttack. Every exterior check will be a joy. 🙂 Many thanks!
  6. SimWare, If I find time to test and this one is successful, I will report it. Thank you in advance. Greetings
  7. Hi Simware, I would have to try that. With which variables could you move Cargo FWD, for example? Greetings
  8. Thank you. Key combination would also be ok, then I do it via VoiceAttack.
  9. Is there a binding of the cargo doors to the msfs standard controls options? i would like to be able to control them from the outside via the bravo.
  10. There is only one optimal method for sound creation and it looks like this: 🙂
  11. In my last film about the new Twin Otter, I also experienced such a blackout. I tried to show the dependencies for individual checkpoints shown in the original manual as an example of a condition for the mandatory retraction of the engine intake deflectors at warm temperatures (Immediately before the start). OAT greater than ISA +18° C. Let me put it this way, mental arithmetic can sometimes be a herculean task, especially when you are recording a film for your own channel. 🙂 The author of the film has indicated elsewhere that it is very interested in tables and manuals and will look into this in more detail after the release of the Twotter. I think he can handle it very well. Besides, the movie was not described as a tutorial, but only as a casual look at a beta version. As for the video/stream aspect, I find the films most fruitful where an experienced flight simmer cooperates with a pilot. Either accompanying in the background, or part of the action in the film. And yes, these rarities have existed in the past and still exist today. Creating excellent checklists and procedures for more sophisticated aircraft, I count the twotters among them, is not easy and illosory without original manuals. That should always be taken into account when evaluating videos. All the nicer that Mr. Kok seems to deliver really well here. 🙂
  12. Not sure if this has been linked before. Here 07:50 you can also see the often mentioned manual. Very good handling and extensive. At this point there is nothing to complain about, this seems extremely successful. 🙂
  13. In past Aerosoft Twotter versions of other simulators they are present on pictures. Possibly currently simply forgotten, or they are not yet the images of the final MSFS version. It's not a big deal, if it will be added later. By the way John, your suggestion "Reality Expansion Packs", terrific!
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