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Cannot map elevator trim

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I am using a Saitek X52 Pro stick and throttle. I am not able to able to get the elevator trim to work and have mapped several times.

The rudder works fine? When I map the elevator trim 0-100% on the slider it works? Not ideal as its too sensitive. 

I have tried other controls to no avail? All my other aircraft including Carenado and Justflight work using the same mapped key that I cannot configure for the Twin Otter.

By the way I love the aircraft and am within minutes of the factory in Victoria. Lots of test flights.

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I  use the Alpha and Bravo and both work using the default elevator trim settings.

On the Alpha (Yoke) it is on an up/down switch and on the Bravo it is on the trim wheel that is just an encoder sending single button clicks as you spin it.

I am sure it will work fine if you assign trim to 2 buttons one up one down.

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I think my trim works but it does seem many of the mappings don't work and not just for things like the x52. For example master battery and pitot heat won't work even using the keyboard shortcuts in the manual. The master battery shortcut will light up the cockpit for a second but the actual switch in the plane won't change so power remains off.

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