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KAP 140 problems

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With the experience of FSX/P3D Twin Otter I am very disappointed with the KAP 140 autopilot used in MSFS version. Aerosoft chose to use a buggy/limited simulation of KAP 140 provided by default with MSFS.


Current bugs:

- when engaged the AP sets VS to 0; real-world AP sets current VS; currently enabling AP during climb makes no sense as the AP will pitch down (or up when engaged during descent)
- default roll mode for KAP 140 is "wings level"; not simulated in Twin Otter; currently when we engage the AP there is no roll mode at all (not possible unless faulty AP in the real-world);
- arm button not functional; 
- alt button logic is incorrect;
- altitude selection logic incorrect.

I refrain from describing the logic of both buttons as the manuals for KAP 140 are easily available.


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