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  1. Hi, I noticed several tiny issues with TOD time and distance displayed on MAP DISPLAY when window VNAV mode is selected. 1. For some reason my TOD calculations are often incorrect - time to go is greatly underestimated. Please check the image attached - you will find that ETA for both TOD and AAL is 5 minutes. But the distance is different - TOD is 9 miles further than AAL. 2. TOD distance is refreshed only once in several miles. My last readout was 9 NM right until I passed over it. 3. TOD appeared on my display only when I cycled WINDOW options in MFD MENU.
  2. I did a turnaround yesterday with no issues. ENCN -> ESMS -> ENTO. The only difference from what you described was that I went from APU to ground power and then powered the plane back from this state. But I don't think it was the change that saved me from the issues you hit. But, as the topic showed up and it is probably not our "problem" only - could someone share a proper flow or procedure for a quick turnaround, please?
  3. Same here (and same thing reported in my FB group). My testing procedure: - load flight (no matter where) - state does not matter (I tried full startup from cold and dark, I tried ready for taxi - the freeze happens every time) - select destination in FMC (I did not select anything else in FMC) - select dep/arr page - select destination airport - select approach* Tried this several times - position, selected airport and the approach selected do not make a difference. Avionics and tablet freeze. If in the air - aircraft responds to power changes and control inputs, but throttles in the model do not move. Navigraph database. CRJ purchased through the Marketplace.
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