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Direct To Intercept Course


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I can seem to successfully “clean up the box” when on vectors to an ILS. You should be able to select an approach waypoint and then select the course you would like to intercept on ( ILS Course) . This practice leaves only the approach waypoints in the legs page and on the ND. Presently when a course is specified, the FMS appears to incorrectly execute a  “direct to.”

Will this be simulated at some point? 



Love the plane, I flew at Gojet for 5 years and this plane is very well done!

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15 minutes ago, CRJay said:

Nothing on the DIR INTC page been working properly since release, it is known to the developers, probably on one of their lists somewhere, but an open issue for the last 8+ months. 


Yep, this is #1 on my wishlist of bugs that I'd like to see fixed. Getting the DIRECT functionality to actually go direct to a waypoint rather than the random (0) point and fixing the information displayed on the advisory VNAV to match the real-world functionality rather than what I assume is the calculated glide path. The former in particular is an awful bug that I'm shocked ever got through testing and has been allowed to stick around for so long.

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