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As Updater question !


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Hello , 

I have a question concerning As Updater .


Since Not all products are supported by Aerosoft One i am still using AsUpdater .


I installed Once my Prepar3dV5.2 on my D drive and then i deleted it . 

My AsUpdater keeps on Showing that on my D drive Prepar3Dv5 is Found !


Please see attached shot . 


Is there any way i can get rid of this notification ?


Thank you 



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1 hour ago, mopperle said:

The ASUpdater gets the information from the registry, so no idea what you did.

Hmmm Ok !

I Installed my Prepar3D and the next day i Uninstalled it !

Most probably there is an entry in my registry , and i have idea how to remove it !

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