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[GCLA] Jetway not moving


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I found the following issue with La Palma (v1.0.2.0) and SU6:


  • Started cold and dark at gate 9, with the A320neo, jetway is not connecting to the aircraft. The hood is slightly moving, aircraft door will open, but the jetway will not move towards the aircraft


Have attached a shot




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  • Er!k changed the title to [GCLA] Jetway not moving
  • Root Admin
8 hours ago, Er!k said:

Hi Oliver, I tested using the FlyByWire A320nx. Did you use the default Asobo A320neo?


It could simply be there is a issue with the Interactive Points of the FlyByWire version. 


1. Can you confirm that aircraft works at other airports without problems?

2. Can you confirm a unaltered default aircraft does not work at that airport?

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Hi all, thanks for the replies! I just did some additional tests using the default A320neo, but unfortunately the same issue...




I go to the flight planner, select GCLA and gate 9 and spawn there to start my flight. After starting the batteries ATC menu is active and I request the jetway. 

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  • Developer

I used the same process by select the aircraft, airport and gate, so the position of the door should be the same.

But in my case it is original installation without any Mod ( S7 is not part of the sim itself ).

As we have not much to configure in the jetway model and the limiters are set „very“ flexible, the rest is out of my hands and handle by the sim itself, I could not do much here. One of the MSFS Mystics.

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