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Two visual requests (flap animation speed and clipping decal)

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Hi everyone,


I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but after a quite extensive search on the forums I haven't found anything in this regard.

What I'd like to request are slower animation speeds of flap extension and retraction on the CRJ. Right now, they move very fast compared to any footage of a real CRJ. Here's an example of a 900, but I'm pretty sure it's this way across all variants:



Is this possible, or are the current speeds intended?


The other is a very easy one: The more time I spend in wingview, the more I notice it. One "NO STEP" decal is slightly clipping into the wing:CR.thumb.PNG.0b10c295dc62163b1ba59c0e6dfb752b.PNG


Thanks and kind regards!

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