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FYI: Tha Strange thing!


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I would like to report a strange behavior (which I suddenly discovered on the CRJ-550/700).

I will say right away that this (bug?) Is 100% reproducible, but it has absolutely no meaning in the current implementation of the aircraft and does not manifest itself in any way, if you do not purposefully look for it. But, for a number of reasons, it can turn out to be critical and elusive in further aircraft development.




In the aircraft configuration folder, there are files with the .FLT extension
These files record the state of the aircraft when loading in various situations (apron / runway / taxy / aproach /.../ etc)
Now this is not used by Aerosoft CRJ in any way, but perhaps in the future we will be able to launch an aircraft in the air / on a runway (without frantically changing the status in the EFB every time). But that's not the point.
In these files, in addition to setting the simulator default values, you can also customize the L: VAR values.

This block addition is done:


So, this is where interesting behavior begins.
If we add any (even non-existent) variable here, for example:


When the aircraft is loaded and the Dome Light Switch is turned on (above the cockpit door), the value of the variable BUG_CATCHER will change to 100. And when it is turned off, it will return to its original state. This only works with the single (first) variable in this list.
An important point. It is necessary to load in the position depending on the file name. For example, let's take the apron.flt file for the test and boot into the parking lot.

So, if in the future (well, suddenly), a situation arises that you will use FLT files to load the state of the aircraft, depending on the appearance (for example, for the implementation of XBOX)

Pay attention to this behavior. This will save you time and hassle.



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