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Vrinsight and FS2020


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Hello everyone. Does anyone know if finally the products of vrinsight cdu ii and combo fcu for airbus will be compatible with the fs2020 or did we finally invest unfairly?
Thank you very much Lefteris
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  • Root Admin

I will ask Cedric to comment, but if you buy something you always buy it for what it is advertised. And I do not think you bought this with any promise that hardware would be always updated to all new simulators or add-ons. m


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  • Aerosoft

Dear def1969,

The VRinsight products rely on FSUIPC and the standard FSX/P3D offsets.
The default MSFS aicraft have little of those offsets in common.

Therefore, the FCU is only approximately 10% compatible when using the original VRIsim driver.

The CDU II also relies on instrument windows undocking.
The MSFS undocking mechanism isn't the same as the FSX/P3D one.
Therefore the VRinsight driver won't work with the CDU II.

VRinsight hasn't announced any driver update yet.


However, for the FCU only, there is a possibility to "bypass" the VRinsight driver with a third party software called LINDA : 

This will give some interaction possibilities.

This is a non-official driver tough, and we may not offer support for it.

Best regards.

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