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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyone know if finally the products of vrinsight cdu ii and combo fcu for airbus will be compatible with the fs2020 or did we finally invest unfairly? Thank you very much Lefteris
  2. Good morning to everyone I have ordered it for 2 weeks now. I am waiting for it for Greece.
  3. Have a good week to all of you, after I run the VRI PANEL INSTALER program once for the cdu ii And once for the FCU Airbus compo I get this message. The plane I use is the Aerosoft Airbus A320-A321. any solution please. friendly Lefteris
  4. Good morning to all. This mail is from vrinsight suport Hello, We’re sorry for late reply due to spam mail. Regarding the compatibility with FS2020, it depend on the software development kit(SDK) for FS2020 from MS. We don’t have an information about SDK until now. Regards, Chris Han VRinsight Customer Support Εμφάνιση αρχικού μηνύματος
  5. Unfortunately, vrinsight also exposes aerosoft because it sells its products. It would be good for aerosoft itself to officially contact vrinsight so we know what if we have to keep buying its products, or turn our market elsewhere Friendly Lefteris
  6. Hello Have a good week to all of you. Unfortunately of the company VRinsight ,after 10 days did not answer me.This is unprofessional. i would like to buy other products but i do not if the are compatible with new FS 2020.Unfortunately this is how company vrinsight WORK its expelling costumers.FRIENDLY LEFTERIS
  7. Hello Sir , I will follow your instractions Thx very much !!! The installer panel for cdu ii dond have add wilco evo. Heve only wilco airbus vol1. Friendly Lefteris
  8. Goodmorning Sir and thank you for your answer. I hope someone helps me, because I invested a lot of money in purchases and I have no result. Friendly Lefteris
  9. Hello sir!!! This is https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/instruments/503/vrinsight-mcp-combo-airbus-type-fcu-combo And this https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/instruments/48/vrinsight-cdu-ii-panel
  10. Goodnight to everyone. I have bought the cdu ii and the mcp kompo airbus, but unfortunately they can not work together. I have bought the wilco airbus deluxe, airbus evolution vol 1, Aerosoft airbus a320-a321, airbus X ext, at wilco airbus only works on cdu ii, and on microsoft airbus a321 only mcp compo airbus. Do you know with which add both can work together? I tried everything. Thank you Lefteris Moderator Edit: Font size reduced to the standard 14 pt. The original was in a very large font which has the effect of shouting. Sometimes, mailing from a smart phone will cause this, so something to watch for, Lefteris.
  11. Good evening to all. Unfortunately the problem remains with other purchases add aerosoft airbus. I can not understand why we pay a product and aerosoft. it does not give us a solution.
  12. Goodnight to everyone ! Does anyone know if vrinsght products (cdu ii - mcp compo ii) will be compatible with the new fs 2020? Thank you
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