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Hi there,


for some reason, that is unbeknownst to me, the view bar changed it's apperance.

I cannot remeber making any input here.


Can anybody tell me why that happened  and how to change it back?

view system.jpg

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On 21.7.2021 at 19:49, masterhawk sagte:

Hi, I never use the view bar. So I can’t see the problem. Can you explain in detail what happened/changed? or what you are expecting to see?


The normal vewbar looks like this.




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vor 3 Stunden , Helmut Brandt sagte:

Move the cursor to a viewbidl and operate the scroll wheel


Bewege den Cursor auf ein Ansichtsbild und bediene  das Scrollrad

Gruß Helmut

Vielen Dank, die Lösung schnell und einfach!


vor 4 Stunden , mopperle sagte:

Are you using another viewsystem? Also which sim and which version of the Airbus?

P3D V 5.2 HF1; Airbus Professional

viewsystem, not that I know of.

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