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Hi, I already downloaded and installed the Bridge software, "CockpitSimulator v0.9.97.ZIP" just fine. However, I was initially unable to download "CockpitSimulator v0.9.99.zip" because of Windows Defender. But after I disabled WD AntiVirus and downloaded it, I cannot extract it, because the zip file is password protected. Where can I get the passkey, or is CockpitSimulator v0.9.99.zip even required to update the firmware? For future reference, I highly encourage the manufacturer of this product to include detail, step by step, instruction guide. 

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The file is still password protected and why that is done is beyond me.  I have email cockpit master for days with no response.  The product is excellent but. If there is no support on software updates I am ready to return it.  Is there a software update that is not password protected 

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