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  1. Hi, I already downloaded and installed the Bridge software, "CockpitSimulator v0.9.97.ZIP" just fine. However, I was initially unable to download "CockpitSimulator v0.9.99.zip" because of Windows Defender. But after I disabled WD AntiVirus and downloaded it, I cannot extract it, because the zip file is password protected. Where can I get the passkey, or is CockpitSimulator v0.9.99.zip even required to update the firmware? For future reference, I highly encourage the manufacturer of this product to include detail, step by step, instruction guide.
  2. Yes, manually without MSFS running. However, even if MSFS is running, the lights on the Bravo Throttle do not work.
  3. Hello Everyone, When I run AFC Bridge in the community folder of FS2020, this AFC Bridge message appears: "Failed to initialize SimconnectToTheLine" Log file is attached. Assistence is appreciated. Thanks. S.S log_as_honeycomb_msfs.log
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