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Clickspot area of the CLR- button of the left CDU reduced when Flightspoiler handle is not deployed

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I realize it is a small issue, but at first use of the plane discovered it¬†immediately as I regulary make mistakes when inputting stuff into the CDU ūüėč

When the flightspoiler handle is not deployed, only the left part of the CLR-button can be used to click on with the mouse. Hovering with the mouse over the center or right side of this button, makes the mouse pointer change to a hand, meaning I can grab the flightspoiler handle from there already. The other keys close to the flightspoiler handle(Y-T-O) seems to be not affected.

This happens regardless of:

-Track IR on/of


-Window size


Windows 10 Pro B19043.1083

CRJ550/700 V1.0.5 from Aerosoft

MSFS V1.17.3


Has anyone experienced this too? 

And to the dev team: wauw ,you did it again, great planeūüĎć


CRJ550-700 click area problem.JPG

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Yeah, that is my experience as well. The left side of this button is always clickable, regardless of the viewpoint. 

With the track IR , I really can move my head around in the cockpit. It seems to me that the click/grab area  for the flightspoiler handle is overdimensioned, meaning that the mousepointer already changes shape (hand) when in the vicinity of the handle and not when hovering above it.

Maybe this is related to the topic.

Anyway it is a minor annoyence that can be handled on the ground and/or inflight.

Again, great plane and thanks


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Maybe it depends on monitor resolution (2560x1080 here), but I can't operate the "ENT" and "Y" key with the mouse as long as the spoiler handle is not halfway up. It's annoying and should be considered a bug and not only a minor annoyance.

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