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    Ok, thx for the info concerning the winds. Will try that an wait for the ATSU to be fixed.
  2. I am on ver . in P3D v4.3 ). When selecting "Arrival Wx" mostly nothing happens. I can't figure out the circumstances, but sometimes - after several minutes - a message is received. But this message doesn't contain a correct ATIS but the designator of the arrival airport and a listing of 5 or 6 different wind data, time is always 0000Z, only the QNH is given correctly. Even though Departure and Arrival Airport are correctly shown on the respective page of the AOC Menu only the departure weather will be received when selecting "ALL". I use AS 16, all FMS data are populated, I even tried entrering a flightplan in AS16 to no avail. The weather in the MCDU is set to Sim default. Wind request also doesn't work for me.
  3. Tom_L

    Tiller and FSUIPC

    Hey Emi, thx for your reply. No, I've tried everything inside the GUI of FSUIPC to no avail. But I just found a solution that's working. I added the parameter ,*-1 in the FSUIPC.ini-file. The line for the axis now looks like this: 9=3S,256,F,66426,0,0,0,*-1 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE3_SET }- That did the trick! No idea why ticking the "rev" box in the GUI didn't work. It's definitely a first! Maybe this helps if someone has similar same issues. Thread may be closed. Greetings Tom
  4. Tom_L

    Tiller and FSUIPC

    Hi, I am having problems with the Tiller control that I tried to assign via FSUIPC (Yes I know, FSUIPC is not needed for the Bus. But if you have different planes and want to assign different functions to the same control, it comes very handy: e.g the Majestic Dash 8 uses the spoiler axis for the tiller, whereas your bus now uses throttle3. So i have profiles for both in FSUIPC, which would not be possible in P3D alone afaik). I assigned "axis throttle 3 set" to be sent as normal axis for the control and everything works as it should except that I cannot reverse the axis. If I choose to send the axis direct to FSUIPC calibration to reverse the axis, I can only turn to one direction while the axis is not reversed. Is this problem Bus- or FSUIPC-related and does anybody have a solution? I am on Hotfix 1 and use the latest FSUIPC version, P3D v 4.3 of course. Thx in advance Tom
  5. While I am content with the upgrade fee I honestly wish (as it is this time of the year) for a full priced up to date version, maybe after the reconstruction works on apron and gates have been finished on the real airport. I prefer the GA version over its competitor due to the far better night lighting (including dynamic lighting performance on my rig) and some detail that may only be important for someone who knows the real airport but it clearly shows its age.
  6. Yep, I was told to wait until tomorrow and see if the upgrade policy will be reconsidered. Fair enough. Tom
  7. Just saw EDDH Prof. is out and found this thread. I also have German Airports 3 (2012) and will send the serial. Thx in advance Tom
  8. Try to disable Samos. I have the same symptoms with Samos and they are gone when I disable Skiathos. Maybe it's the other way round on your system.
  9. Mathijs, it might well be that this is the effect you described. Although unknown to me until now it would explain why some airports are more prone to it than others - it would be simply because the developers didn't care much to set the visibilty range for tiny objects like antennas, masts etc. as they don't have a large impact on performance. Nevertheless the effect is diminished with the highest AA setting - at least for me.
  10. Graham: These are the settings where I don't see "sparkling". 8 x SSAA is not my daily setting though as the GTX 970 struggles with such high Anti Aliasing. I use 4 x MSAA and live with the "sparkling" - for now. Someday soon a new rig is due. 2560 x 1080 is the native resolution of my 34" display btw.
  11. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I think I encounter the same effects as Graham. It is small structures that seem to flicker (sparkle is an even better description) from the distance. I have made a screenshot at Skiathos. The white dots in the lines of the masts is the frozen "sparkling" I see from a distance. I think it has to do with screen resolution and antialiasing (and transparency, maybe). This "sparkling" also appears with lights at night in the distance. 8 x SSAA cures it for me, but we all know the impact it has, esp. with dynamic lights ON. (P3D 4.1 with GTX 970, 2560 x 1080). If that's not what the OP is encountering - disregard. Best wishes Tom
  12. Yep, I think I will give the autogenconfigurationmanager a try as it seems to be the best solution. I didn't realize autogen merging as a problem until now, but it seems all developers are struggling to come up with the best solution. 29Palms, who have delayed their Skiathos update until P3D v4.1 was out announced further delay and probably the use of said tool as LM failed to fix the issue. Quote 29Palms: " The recently released Prepar3D v4.1 still doesn't support autogen merging". And I think Lars knows what he's talking about. So no wonder your second method didn't work (obviously it's a bug, as it should work according to the SDK). Thanks again for your efforts, Bob.
  13. I think it's about time for someone from MK to chime in. Fuerteventura has been updated recently, so Naples (and Madeira) should deserve the same treatment imho. I'm not too keen to have all sorts of 'tools' running as my current addons already make it very complex to identify the culprit in case of issues. A simple statement that the issue will be fixed- if it will - would suffice. @Martin: Yes, Orbx is a bit ruthless when it comes to "bending" the sim to their liking. But as I understand FTX Central adds content to the default.xml, and to my knowledge that's what tools like "agx" and the "autogen-configuration manager" do - on a temporary basis. I find the last mentioned tool (method1) superior as it would allow for NapoliX and Orbx to be used simultaneously. In any case: Thank you for your proposal
  14. Hi Bob, thanks for your efforts. I tried your second method (with files from 27.Oct) with NapoliX, but unfortunately nearly all autogen trees in Orbx Southampton are lost. I'm not an expert, but I imagine by activating a default.xml (via the add-on.xml), the original one is discarded by P3D as it can only use one default.xml. I think the tool (method1) adds the content of the .xml file to the default.xml instead of replacing it. So it seems to be waiting for MK or using the tool (method1) Best wishes Tom
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