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  1. Tom_L


    Ok, thx for the info concerning the winds. Will try that an wait for the ATSU to be fixed.
  2. I am on ver . in P3D v4.3 ). When selecting "Arrival Wx" mostly nothing happens. I can't figure out the circumstances, but sometimes - after several minutes - a message is received. But this message doesn't contain a correct ATIS but the designator of the arrival airport and a listing of 5 or 6 different wind data, time is always 0000Z, only the QNH is given correctly. Even though Departure and Arrival Airport are correctly shown on the respective page of the AOC Menu only the departure weather will be received when selecting "ALL". I use AS 16, all FMS data are populated, I even tried entrering a flightplan in AS16 to no avail. The weather in the MCDU is set to Sim default. Wind request also doesn't work for me.
  3. Tom_L

    Tiller and FSUIPC

    Hey Emi, thx for your reply. No, I've tried everything inside the GUI of FSUIPC to no avail. But I just found a solution that's working. I added the parameter ,*-1 in the FSUIPC.ini-file. The line for the axis now looks like this: 9=3S,256,F,66426,0,0,0,*-1 -{ TO SIM: AXIS_THROTTLE3_SET }- That did the trick! No idea why ticking the "rev" box in the GUI didn't work. It's definitely a first! Maybe this helps if someone has similar same issues. Thread may be closed. Greetings Tom
  4. Tom_L

    Tiller and FSUIPC

    Hi, I am having problems with the Tiller control that I tried to assign via FSUIPC (Yes I know, FSUIPC is not needed for the Bus. But if you have different planes and want to assign different functions to the same control, it comes very handy: e.g the Majestic Dash 8 uses the spoiler axis for the tiller, whereas your bus now uses throttle3. So i have profiles for both in FSUIPC, which would not be possible in P3D alone afaik). I assigned "axis throttle 3 set" to be sent as normal axis for the control and everything works as it should except that I cannot reverse the axis. If I choose to send the axis direct to FSUIPC calibration to reverse the axis, I can only turn to one direction while the axis is not reversed. Is this problem Bus- or FSUIPC-related and does anybody have a solution? I am on Hotfix 1 and use the latest FSUIPC version, P3D v 4.3 of course. Thx in advance Tom
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