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  1. Well, the mentioned thread - and there especially Robert Young (former RealAir developer) in this post - over at Avsim indicates that it might not be possible in the current state of the sim, hence my question.
  2. As many may be aware the autopilot issues in MSFS have worsened since the last patch, basically all aircraft are affected. There are patches (FBW, workingtitle ) to mitigate the problems for some, but this thread on avsim.com indicates that there are fundamental flaws with the hard coded ap controls that can only be overcome by ASOBO and will impact even third party aircraft with custom autopilot. Can you comment on how your upcoming CRJ will or (hopefully) will not be affected?
  3. I guess I'll need some practice to manage all those functions with my XBox-Controller??? šŸ˜‰
  4. So being a flight sim enthusiast acc. to your signature you wouldn't mind having just another simulation of a turpoprop airplane that doesn't resemble the basic functions of the engine? And as I don't consider the engine as the most neglectable subsystem of an airplane I expressed my hopes the developers can and will overcome the deficites of the turboprop simulation we have seen since FSX and now in MSFS. But I grant you: my comment was a bit too much on the negative side and take the opportunity for a rewording: I am enthusiastic for the Twotter provided the SDK and flightmodel will all
  5. Sorry if I'm about to spoil the party but I have some doubts: Seeing that the turboprop behaviour of the TBM/KingAir/Caravan in MSFS is mediocre (to be modest) I would very much like you to confirm that the flight model and SDK has the potential for a full fledged (or at least modest) PT-6 simulation.
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