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  1. I guess I'll need some practice to manage all those functions with my XBox-Controller??? šŸ˜‰
  2. So being a flight sim enthusiast acc. to your signature you wouldn't mind having just another simulation of a turpoprop airplane that doesn't resemble the basic functions of the engine? And as I don't consider the engine as the most neglectable subsystem of an airplane I expressed my hopes the developers can and will overcome the deficites of the turboprop simulation we have seen since FSX and now in MSFS. But I grant you: my comment was a bit too much on the negative side and take the opportunity for a rewording: I am enthusiastic for the Twotter provided the SDK and flightmodel will all
  3. Sorry if I'm about to spoil the party but I have some doubts: Seeing that the turboprop behaviour of the TBM/KingAir/Caravan in MSFS is mediocre (to be modest) I would very much like you to confirm that the flight model and SDK has the potential for a full fledged (or at least modest) PT-6 simulation.
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