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  1. Let me start by saying I am absolutely happy with your EDDH scenery. As a local I can say you have probably made the BEST addon scenery I ever had for a flight simulator in nearly 30 years. I absolutely love how you have modeled the terrain structure, as it seems every dent, every wall, every pond is where it is in the real thing. There's details I didn't know exist and i know the airport pretty well, from land- and airside. I love how you have recreated small details like e.g. the flying club on the Lufthansa base, or the Coffe-to-fly, the ringroad along Rwy33, Terminal interior and many more
  2. No wonder! It turned out I had to update LFTH from Azurpoly, which is around the corner and obviously was the culprit as everything is back to normal now. Thanks!
  3. Just a heads-up: LFTZ produces a CTD on my system when trying to spawn at or flying to the airport after the latest World update ( with World Update 4 - France etc...- installed).
  4. @Marten, @eddp, Guys, I highly appreciate your efforts, thank you. I admit I was under the impression (considering the statement of the freeware developer shader changes could make a difference) you didn't exploit what is possible in the current state of the sim - I probably was wrong! As to your suggestion of darker textures: Well, I could think of an option at installation whether we have the choice of unrealistic, but cleared surfaces or not. However, I think when it comes to live weather more seems to be involved. Yesterday in ENAT there was a coverage of around only 5 cm (more o
  5. Although I think there's issues with configurators in MSFS as well I'd like to support this proposal, as for users like me that prefer live weather can't influence the snow coverage. Thank you for the information, the 10cm or 20cm is looking great. I like your Alta as I generally like flying in Norway due to the interesting landscape. I'm fine with the satus quo due to the upcoming summer season but I would be glad if you could keep an eye on the "issue" as after every summer there will be a winter :-). And using live weather seems to be a bit of a lottery when it comes to snow
  6. But my point is about aiport surfaces, not water....
  7. The screenshot is from today with live weather. Here's a webcam view from a few minutes ago. I think you can have snow covered runways on any airport in Norway if there's actual or recent snowfall - no doubt. But I also think ALL airport operators in the world are eager to clean at least the runways asap in order to maintain safe operation. So having an airport in MSFS that displays a solid snow coverage whenever Meteoblue data suggests there's snow coverage in the area is the obvious, but not the best effort. And btw: I scrolled the timeline for the webcam and the airport surfaces were always
  8. See post above. Notice there's a dark patch, that's a snow-free surface, whereas every other part of the airport is covered in more or less solid white. I'd rather have all surfaces totally clear if it's not possible to achieve an in-between solution as that would make the scenery more believable. I know it's not easily done, but as I said some freeware developers (LSZS) have achieved convincing results.
  9. I know there are limitations when it comes to snow coverage of surfaces in MSFS, but I also know (by just looking at the freeware LSZS) they can be overcome. That said, I feel the ENAT scenery is pretty unrealistic as the norwegian airport operators are very well prepared for snowy weather and are able to clear the airport surfaces even in the most adverse conditions. The more I dislike this airport fully covered in snow even outside snowy weather - it simply is highly unrealistic. I sincerely hope these issues can be overcome.
  10. You once explained - and I can very well understand the difficulties coming with that - that it is more about what customers expect than what is indeed accurate. Maybe that's the case here. I've never flown in the cockpit of a CRJ but I remember you can't hear the engine sound ("jet_whine" in the olden days) even in the front rows, so I won't expect them in the cockpit. I remember and would expect a more subliminal tone. And the wind noise doesn't sound like expected either, as described - and confirmed - already. Unfortunately we can't meddle with the .wav files anymore and are therefore more
  11. Well, I did watch the video you linked until the end (3:14:40) and he CLEARLY had the diving issue.
  12. I just returned from my first complete flight, ending with an ILS approach into 04L at EKCH. In APPR mode LOC capture was fine, aircraft started descending from level flight slightly before glideslope capture, was already below g/s on actual capture and went diving 2000ft/min down. Unnecessary to say my pax were screaming, I was sweating and it was an unpleasant end to an otherwise nearly perfect experience. And yes, I have seen the FAQ regarding "problems following ILS", but - excuse me - intercepting an ILS from level flight is a standard procedure. I hope I will find with further testing th
  13. Hi, I'm a bit late to the party but finally I made it to ver 1.03 a few days ago - LECO is in fact one of my favourite airports. However, I noticed that I've flown there exclusively at daytime so I only noticed after this review from MrFilbert that now the taxilights are very dim at night - you can barely see one or two of them in front of the plane while taxiing. No issue for daylight operation, but the lighting needs another - small -fix I guess.
  14. Hi, many thanks for your response. Yes, looking at the comparison pictures I think you've modeled the taxilines on the turnpad according to the real ones which leaves me wondering why the painted them so close to the runway edge that when you follow with the nosegear the main tires would certainly be in danger of leaving the paved surface or at least overrunning the edge lights. So thanks for recognising the other issues, leave the lines on the turnpad as they are and I'm looking forward to any updates you intend to release. Great work and great service, thank you!
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