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A330 keeps turning right.

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Hi Guys,


Just did a complete reinstall of the A330 and now i have an issue where the plane is constantly turning right will not taxi straight,the auto rudder is enabled both in P3D and on the plane, the tiller is disabled

but i have tried turning them both on or off,it doesnt help the plane is constantly turn right in circles,i dont use any rudder pedals just a joystick which is configured in P3Dv4.5.

I dont seem to have this issue with anyother payware aircraft including the smaller buses,just the A330,i know im more than likely doing something wrong but i cant figure it out.




Gary Jones

Screenshot (248).png

Screenshot (250).png

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Hi,Thanks for getting back to me,axis bindings im not to sure what they are,as i said the smaller buses are fine and i havent changed any settings with regarding

my joystick,so im at a loss what causing it,everything was fine prior to the fresh install of the update.


Gary Jones.

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