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CDU remains powered after shutting pc down

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Hi all, 


When I shut my PC down, I see that my cdu unit remains powered. The backlighting remains on and the welcome screen (with red pulsating dots below) remains showing the entire time. I cannot imagine that this should be the case. I would rather have it turn off as soon as my computer shuts down. I also don't want to unplug the unit every time I don't need it or if I shut down the computer.

Is there a way to manually shut the CDU down or is it a bug that the unit remains powered?


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Daniel W.

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2 hours ago, danielwestdijk said:

All my USB ports are 3.0 and therefore powered after shutdown. If I plug it in it is powered. I don't want the CDU to be powered on all the time and I don't want to plug it out to turn it off. There must be another way around this, right?

Hi in this case you will have to unplug it or set up your motherboard to be powered off when PC is shutdown. We have notice this issue actually and we will see to set up proper shutdown function in the next FW update, if possible. We will announce it when this is ready. Meantime please bear with us. Thank you!

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Thank you for your honest reply. I would definitely appreciate a soft shutdown function encoded in the software. 

Thanks, Matthijs, for the suggestions but my usb hub is mounted under my desk near my feet. It would be quite a thing to have to down all the times. 


As a temporary workaround, I have enabled the ErP function within the bios to have the USB ports unpowered whenever the machine is off.



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