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  1. I am willing to help out as well. I am sending details over the mail now.
  2. I second this. I own this unit for a nearly a year now and I am very happy with it. One of the reasons I buoght it is that I would be able to use it if MSFS2020 once the 737 from PMDG got released. Hopefully it is high in the dev's priority list.
  3. Just downloaded new bridge software and updated firmware: the power off function works like a charm. Press menu + P and release. To power on, hit any key.
  4. Hello all, I must say, the more I use the unit, the better the experience gets. It is so swift and without delay. Still I am experiencing a few issues that hopefully can be resolved. 1) Every time I power down the pc (and the unit now switches off because my usb buses are no longer powered), and restart the computer I get the welcome aboard loading screen with the green pulsating dots. When I start the bridge software while the sim is running, the cdu will not connect and the loading screen remains on. The only thing that seems to work then is to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable and then it works instantly. Is there a way in which I don't have to replug the unit every time to get it working 2) the annunciator lights and the execute light are very very dim. Is there a way to make them brighter? Thanks.
  5. Thank you for your honest reply. I would definitely appreciate a soft shutdown function encoded in the software. Thanks, Matthijs, for the suggestions but my usb hub is mounted under my desk near my feet. It would be quite a thing to have to down all the times. As a temporary workaround, I have enabled the ErP function within the bios to have the USB ports unpowered whenever the machine is off.
  6. OK got it done! Unplug the CDU, have the bridge software running WHILE holding the INIT REF and 5 key PLUG in your cdu. Then go to the update page of the software and you should be able to go then!
  7. All my USB ports are 3.0 and therefore powered after shutdown. If I plug it in it is powered. I don't want the CDU to be powered on all the time and I don't want to plug it out to turn it off. There must be another way around this, right?
  8. I can confirm these issues. I have exactly the same. Whenever I unplug, replug, the screen starts to flash every few seconds and it becomes unresponsive.
  9. Hi all, When I shut my PC down, I see that my cdu unit remains powered. The backlighting remains on and the welcome screen (with red pulsating dots below) remains showing the entire time. I cannot imagine that this should be the case. I would rather have it turn off as soon as my computer shuts down. I also don't want to unplug the unit every time I don't need it or if I shut down the computer. Is there a way to manually shut the CDU down or is it a bug that the unit remains powered? Looking forward to hearing from you. Daniel W.
  10. So far, that is my experience too. Haven’t fully tested yet.
  11. Today it finally arrived. I have been looking forward to it for many weeks. Hooking it up to my PMDG ngxu was a breeze. I want to update the firmware to 1.5.1 but the software indicates that it is waiting for a DFU connection. The Start Flash button remains unclickable. How do I update my firmware? Looking forward to your response. Keep up the good work. Very, very impressed so far. Daniel W
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