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Use of NDP Charts on different PC?

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can someone help me here?


I would like to install the NDP charts, which are installed with the offline version on the PC (after installing of the Airport), on my separate tablet -> so that the charts can be called up from the tablet during the flight.


So far I have "fake-installed" the airfields on the tablet, but I don't have enough space to keep the airfields permanently installed on the tablet. As long as the airfield is installed,


I can also use the NDP charts on the tablet. But as soon as I uninstall the Airport, it also disappears from the NDP charts ...



Many greetings, Volker.

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Hello Volker,

I don‘t thInk, that you will get here or in your german Thread an answer, as the Offline Charts installed with the Product is only a give-away to get the base of charts, which was in the past part of the manuel. But this is not a Multi PC Application. And I don’t think that there is an interest to explain how to move it to a different PC, as some minutes later, someone who read that, will offer them in the internet for all.


For the individual use of chart on any Platform you want, other PC, Tablet etc, Aerosoft offers the NavDataPro Charts Product, where you get always the actual once for all important airport, the clients are available for different OS systems:




You can get the access in different Abos, maybe an option, as charts are one of the central parts of flight simulations.


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