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FMC issue causes GPU 100% Load on RNAV Departure - 6fps

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System: Ryzen 3700x, 32GB 3200c14, RTX 3080

Usually getting around 30-40fps with no issues


I have no issues entering the route into the FMC. The departure adds an intercept waypoint on the legs page. If I copy the first fix on the TNNIS6 departure, JUTES, and place it over (INTC), my GPU immediately shows 96-100% load spike and MSFS framerate drops to 5-6 fps. At first I shut down my PC and tried it again, same issue and I decided to take off thinking maybe after I passed JUTES it may clear up. Negative.

The only way to fix it was to activate the Secondary Flightplan. GPU load immediately dropped and framerate jumped back up to 30-40 and I entered DIR BIGGY and did not enter the TNNIS6 in new active flight plan.


I assume that I shouldn't be pasting over the (INTC) leg. But should this cause a complete overload of my GPU resulting in the simulator effectively useless? I've pasted over the INTC in other departures before without any issues.


Also - somewhat related. The final legs of the KDCA RNP Rwy 19 approach do not connect to one another and the aircraft begins a left 360. There are no discontinuities or vectors to clear on the legs page. At FONVI the altitude is 1,200 and JUBOL it's 955 so you should be transitioning to manual flight at that point anyway, but when your still on NAV and the aircraft makes an unexpected 90 degree turn to the left in an area with restricted airspace like DC, it creates issues. Am I doing something incorrect here?

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6 hours ago, mopperle said:

I think the linked topic will answer most of your questions:



Thanks for the response. That does answer the question for the RNP Rwy 19 approach at KDCA - however I do not see RNP or RF on the TNNIS6 SID chart. It's pretty much a 90 degree left turn after departure to straight fixes, like most other RNAV departures. 

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