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  1. Thanks for the response. That does answer the question for the RNP Rwy 19 approach at KDCA - however I do not see RNP or RF on the TNNIS6 SID chart. It's pretty much a 90 degree left turn after departure to straight fixes, like most other RNAV departures.
  2. Route: KLGA/13 TNNIS6 BIGGY Q75 MXE CLIPR2 KDCA/FERGI.R19 System: Ryzen 3700x, 32GB 3200c14, RTX 3080 Usually getting around 30-40fps with no issues I have no issues entering the route into the FMC. The departure adds an intercept waypoint on the legs page. If I copy the first fix on the TNNIS6 departure, JUTES, and place it over (INTC), my GPU immediately shows 96-100% load spike and MSFS framerate drops to 5-6 fps. At first I shut down my PC and tried it again, same issue and I decided to take off thinking maybe after I passed JUTES it may clear up. Negative. Th
  3. LesOReilly - Thanks for the info. I really hope Aerosoft and Navigraph can work together to find a solution on this one. But in the mean time I'll make sure not to enter any RNP approaches in the FMC. I did go back to the airport and load the VOR and did not have any issues. Thanks again for all the info. Kind regards.
  4. I see - and there's no way for the FMC to omit that as an approach option, like they do with runways that are too short? That would certainly be a better option than the system freezing entirely. I'll try to enter the VOR approach and see if that provides a different result. The game is not freezing when I enter the STAR, only when I select the RNAV 02.
  5. Hello, This morning I was excited to fly the CRJ during ZUUU - VNKT VATSIM event. But my sim freezes then crashes completely every time I'm loading a specific point in my flight plan. The route is: MUMG9W/02L MUMGO B213 LXA B345 KIMTII. I start by loading the position, then enter ZUUU as the Orig and VNKT as the Dest. Then I enter the MUMG9W/02L as the departure, then enter B213 airway in the second line of the flight plan and LXA as the fix, then I enter the KIMTI 1R and the RNAV 02 as the arrival information and when I select the RNAV 02 is when the sim completely fre
  6. This morning I was flying RKSI - ZSPD on Vatsim. Flight plan BOPTA1L BOPTA Z51 BEDES Y711 PONIK A593 DUMET. I had the flight plan loaded prior to Push and Start, but I did not have the arrival or approach loaded as they are assigned by ATC. SID was canceled by ATC and I was given DIR to IROMA, BOPTA, followed Y711 to PONIK then given instructions to descend to 4,500m and DIR PD073, a fix on the 16L ILS-Z. After loading 16L ILS into the FMC I selected the DIR INTC screen and while paging through the DIR INTC screen I found that the fix previous to PD073 (I believe it was DUMET) heading was spin
  7. Ok so I've managed to recreate this issue - it appears that if I delete a waypoint from the DIR INTC screen, while in flight, execute, then go back to DIR INTC, a fix on the previous page is going crazy, then when I hit delete on that fix is when it freezes.
  8. Glad I found this thread. Just encountered this issue using Vatsim when arriving at KSLC. Had the SKEE5 STAR loaded at takeoff and given the 16L ILS approach. I entered DIR to a fix and the FMC added a weird a waypoint off course and the nav turned it away from the ILS. I selected heading to correct then tried to DEL the previous waypoint in the DIR screen and that's when the freeze occurred. I was given the visual but couldn't disconnect autopilot, the autopilot constantly fought me to the point where I couldn't land and had to shut down MSFS completely. Very frustrating after a 2 hour fligh
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