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The main reason for me trying to use the marketplace, was so that the developers get a revenue stream that would help them fund future developments, like the World Updates.  Whether that happens or not I don't really know but one thing is for sure updates through the marketplace just do not work and I appreciate the difficulties that the 3rd party developers face.


What I really don't understand if this is a real flying simulation community why are people so reluctant to share vital information to others that are having a pretty torrid time, why insist that because 12 people have a problem nothing can be done about it, why refer people to the 3rd party developer when the problem lies with their in house software.


This issue was made way harder than it ever needed to be, and please if you have information that others will find invaluable share it as soon as you are able to.


I will follow your advice from now on I will buy direct and forget the marketplace unless that is the only outlet.

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8 hours ago, spencer55r said:


What is the point of this smiley face?  this does nothing for anyone to help with this....


And FYI in another thread it was "discovered" most of the issues for the CTD are due to CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirement and Thus not having the BMI2 instruction set and that crashes the sim when loading the CRJ...  If the CRJ was the last loaded aircraft then you will be in a CTD Loop until you remove the CRJ manual and load the sim again.

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