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  1. HXArdito just posted this on the MS Forum and it might explain a lot. "the problem seems to be the marketplace-Version. Problem is, Aerosoft sends their files to Microsoft, they encrypt the files to make them copy protected, and it seems, there the issue is happening. Unfortunately, Aerosoft has no way to encrypt and recheck the data sent to MS. So, if an error happens at MS, which happened more than once during the encription, Aerosoft has no acess anymore and can not really troubleshoot."
  2. BTW its 18 systems now and I've put posts in multiple places asking anyone with the CRJ to check if it works for them or crashes and to contact support, and I've also made sure they are aware that both MICRO/AEROsoft are not able to do anything to resolve this at the moment This is what Microsoft say on the subject Thanks for contacting us regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator. Please contact the developer directly to report this issue and request further assistance. Third-party developers are responsible for their own content, including: Question about the content
  3. You need to contact Hans Hartmann and send him the link. Well done another step close hopefully.
  4. Sorry for the typo Hans this should have read: Have a look at his post, you need to message him, if anyone can sort This mess out he can.
  5. That's brilliant, send it to Hans Hartmann, I wouldn't know what to do with it. Have a look at his post, you need to message him, if anyone can sort his mess out he can.
  6. Great news Augustin, at least you are flying again, without too much trouble. I completely reinstalled 150GB before I found this out. I am sure that this is a lot more widespread than Aerosoft think and as soon as the bug reposrts start to flow in we might get some action.
  7. Augustin - this is happening to a lot of people. For now the only thing to do seems to be go to your packages folder, where your Community folder is. In \Packages\Official\OneStore\ you will find the CRJ folder aerosoft-crj. If you remove this folder, your sim will stop crashing and run as normal. Unfortunately the CRJ won't be available but it wasn't anyway since it caused the crash. Aerosoft don't think this is that important since it only affected 12, now 13 customers. Perhaps if it is actually affecting thousands that just haven't realised it yet because they haven't selected
  8. tgiesige - I like your idea, I had similar thoughts, what if we could get hold of version 1.0.2, which was working for me back in April. If we fly it and it works, it proves this is Aerosoft's problem caused by their update and they need to solve it, and if it doesn't fly then it must be something that MS/Asobo have changed in either the World or Sim updates.
  9. Dear Mr KOK, When you say you are not responsible for "that", true you are not responsible for peoples systems or the differences to your tester's machines and those of the tens of thousands of customers who have not reported the problem. BUT Your are responsible for the changes to the code in the updated version that have caused the problem. The fact that only 12 have taken the time and trouble to report the problem to you is not evidence that the problem is more wide spread and more importantly your testers failed to pick this up and this could very well happen next time you do an upd
  10. You don't suggest buying a new PC, wouldn't that be a better option and sure to fix the issue. I am joking of course, but you cannot gurantee that this would actually solve the problem but it would keep the person with the problem quiet for quite a long time and off of your back. I do appreciate if you can't reproduce the problem yourselves then how can you fix it, but this is not the first time at the rodeo, for the CRJ, back in March Hans was putting forward workarounds to do with traffic settings needing to be set to Ultra to avoid CTD's and there are many of us experiencing t
  11. I've got the same problem which I thought was caused by the Honeycomb Bravo which had just arrived. I spent days trying to diagnose the problem uninstalling, reinstalling, posting on forums. If Aerosoft had just acknowledged that there is a problem with the latest update and got to work on it, the word would have got around and saved an enormous amount of peoples time and frustration. The CRJ is removed from my system and they may well be permanent and for a very expensive aeroplane that really isn't good enough when you have the likes of the FlyByWire and WorkingTitles giving their
  12. One difference I found is that the CRJ adds an .AIR file, CRJ550_AMM.air or CRJ700_AMM.air, if these files are renamed so that FS can't see them they don't appear as selectable aircraft and the sim is happy to fly on. When I put the name back and restarted, so renaming OLDCRJ550_AMM.air to just CRJ550_AMM.air the CRJ550 appeared but the CRJ700 didn't. I have reset all the settings on my graphics card as "Reliab" was showing an AMD file as crashing at the same time as the sim (could be unrelated) but just to eliminate it. I made sure all antivirus settings were off
  13. That's a real shame because as LesOreilly said in a previous post here, "All of the other planes you list are built using the "Javascript/HTML" method and run internally.... The CRJ is built different... " ; so I think if that is the case we could run into this problem again.
  14. So I removed the Aerosoft/Honeycomb software from the Windows Control Panel, then checked that the AFC_Bridge was removed from the community folder. Then checked for any Honeycomb related files even Xplane related and deleted them too. Then I made sure there were no updates. Then I restarted the PC and disconnected the Honeycomb Bravo USB. Then I loaded up MSFS2020 and checked that there was no Bravo controller listed. Then I went to the Marketplace and downloaded the CRJ. It showed in Content manager as installed and upto date. Then I selected the CRJ from the h
  15. I am not using FSUIPC, or any other controller addon. I'm working straight off of the MSFS2020 controller profiles.
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