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Meaning of "Controller with throttle channel" and Thrustmaster T.16000M

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I'd like to buy the CRJ but I am not sure if I need to buy additional hardware or software.


My PC runs MSFS well and I exceed the "System requirements" that are listed on its store page. However, I am not sure what is meant by "Controller with throttle channel". Does this refer to an axis on the joystick (or any other controller)? I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M that has a small axis (below the stick), which I use to control the throttle. Would this be enough? Or would you recommend to buy a throttle, e.g. a Thrustmaster TWCS? (I know this is a personal question.)


If I were to get a throttle, would I need to buy additional software (I know of FSUIPC from my FSX/P3D days, but I think that's more for simmers who have different/older hardware)? Based on my research on this forum, I know that the CRJ comes with a tool to set up the throttle correctly. I had no issues with the joystick in MSFS (I just had to remap some buttons, but that was easy).

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On 26.5.2021 at 11:39, mopperle sagte:

The controller you have is fine. No need to buy additional hardware and/or software.

Hi Maxro
Indeed. Any analog axis will do.
Please check this to help you when configuring your system : 


Best regards.

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