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Principle problem msfs-store version

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I purchase CRJ 550-700 within msfs shop and followed manual Vol3_Tutorial.pdf from aerosoft webpage but I have some issues:

On the test flight I received that a discrepancy was given with the type that was in the MSFS store:

- Setting of weather =>there is no something like coverage or scatter
- "Press fire detection monitor test switch for 2 seconds" => No sound, no message
- "NAV Switch ON" => I don't see any reaction from one of my external consoles. Outside inspection shows that position lights are not lightning.
- Activation of NAV-Light and others works via my console (SimConnect)
- APU does not start (external POWER is connected and active (see attachment)


After 2h I give up . Flight test without "dark and cold":
* CRJ_550-700 those not handle my Logictech autopilot multipanel corectly
* On my Throttle Quadrant I defined a switch for the parking brake => the CRJ 550-700 dose not notice that and there is a conflict because of competing status
* because it was late and I lost lot of time, I did a time jump for landing => I was in the air with a dark-n-cold machine...!
I have no such problems with other types of aircraft and they are even free.

Those anybody have any solution for this?

2021-05-05 (4).png


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As for the weather, you need to set MSFS weather to „preset“ to be able to load a weather preset like “scatter” 

There is another thread in this forum concerning the APU not starting. I think it was solved by unbinding all APU related keybindings. 


Unfortunately I can’t help with your other problems because I don’t have external controls and don’t know how to configure those. 

I also don’t use the “time jump” feature but I wouldn’t expect it to work perfectly considering the state of the simulator and the complexity of the aircraft. 


“make sure you don't have any APU related control bindings in set inside the sim. For example Thurstmaster Hotas Warthog will have this binding automatically that can block the use of APU.“


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The best way to get help here is a separate post for each issue instead of a list. Please see this post:

Adi-Flyer, to know where to look for answers to many of your questions that have been asked and answered before by and for others, please take a look around the CRJ forum so you'll know where to find them. That said, your issues with "my external consoles" and the Logitech autopilot multipanel are easy to answer. As you've probably found, those panels do work with the default coding in MFS. However, because the advanced features of this add-on require custom coding, they won't function fully without some helpful software. Look in the appropriate forum section for help and you'll see what I mean.


If you can't get the CRJ in the air successfully working through the tutorial, you're not doing things right somewhere or there's something unique in your system that's the cause. A couple of your issues are so rare that it's the only explanation. It frequently takes a good 3 to 4 hours following the step-by-step in volume 3 to do so, so take your time and follow the instructions carefully.


As an advanced add-on, flying the CRJ successfully requires some preparation beyond what's needed for the default or free aircraft. Also, I strongly encourage you to view all of The Dude's videos here if you haven't already, especially the pre-flight cockpit checks. 

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