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I think I may have found a small bug, but maybe someone can explain what is happening.

It seems you can have the flap sounds audible when you are only on battery power with all hydraulics AUTO. When I was on the external view I was able to hear the flaps but they aren't actually moving.


Could this be a bug or am I lacking some knowledge there? :)


Other quick question that I also noticed during the same session; are the battery and APU battery actually draining? They seem to be constantly on the same voltage, even after a long time.


Thanks in advance and kind regards!


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi, I had a look into this. It seems to only happen when using key assignments for the flaps which send flaps up/down command through the sim. If using the actual flap lever in the cockpit nothing happens. We'll check if there is something we can do about this.

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Thanks for your replies!


I have indeed used the keyboard assignments (F5 - F8). It also seems that if you replicate the issue (use F8) and then turn on the external power, the flaps move into the full position extremely fast. This is probably caused by the same underlying cause, but maybe it helps finding the problem…


Edit: recorded a quick video demonstrating the issue including the fast flap positioning:



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