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Just a few small missing sounds and items (posted on behalf of a Real CRJ pilot)

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Hello! I met up with my friend who is a CRJ Captain for a regional with a couple thousand hours on it for his opinions on your CRJ for MSFS. He does not own MSFS or any sim, but was still interested in trying it out! Overall he was stunned by how close it is in accuracy. He did mention a few small things he found incorrect which I will list below.


These are all things he noticed when making a flight with it. 

1. When selecting the audio input to PA and then selecting a call button and then switching the audio input off of PA, the lights will automatically extinguish, this is not the case at the moment. He also noticed the chime sounds should also be heard from the cockpit but seem to be absent. 

2. When starting the engines, the Packs are turned off, however when pressing the engine start button, the pack light for said engine extinguishes, something it should not do. both should remain lit till you turn them back on. 

3. The oxygen sound is not spatial, and sounds the same regardless of ones position in the flight deck.

4. The cockpit wind sounds are incorrect and should have a more constant whooshing sound

5. The LNAV is sluggish and tends to overshoot and overcorrect. 

6. The pitch axis is a bit springy and causes small oscillations. could be smoothed out a little bit. 


Those are the items he saw were incorrect. Below are some things he saw that all the CRJs he has seen or flown do not have. This may be due to you having seen a newer model, but here they are. 

1. His CRJs have no flightdeck door lock, and instead you lock the cockpit door by reaching behind you, a bit uncomfortable

2. The IRS system has been removed. they still enter their position through the FMC, but do not switch the IRS to NAV

3. They do not have Skycam.

4. They do not have a HUD system.

Again, those items are correct for most of the CRJs he flies. he mentioned how he'd love if their aircraft had them though, particularly the skycam.


Lastly, he noted that being able to open the cockpit door and walk into the cabin directly from the flight deck would be a welcome addition. Currently the only way to reach the cabin is by editing the x coordinate to get outside of the boundary box and then position your "camera/viewpoint" in the cabin. Allowing the ability to access the cabin would be amazing to have. 


Other than that he found no other issues, and thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience!

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Morse VOR sounds are only heard in the center of the passenger cabin.


I understand that the one who should hear the sound of the VOR is the pilot or co-pilot, but the passenger?.



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