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  1. This only works with the standard commercial levers. It needs rebuilt for the Airbus Throttle Pack.
  2. thanks for all the responses. I pull power normally at around 20ft. I'll toy around with different landing types and find what works best. thanks!
  3. Hello All. I have been flying the CRJ lately and noticed that when landing, the aircraft tends to automatically flare as a result of ground effect perhaps. In either case I usually have to push forward on the yoke to keep the descent rate and flare by releasing forward pressure. This not only completely wrong, but just awkward and not natural. Is there anyone that flies the Aerosoft CRJ with the honeycomb yoke that has suggestions on how to remedy this? I would very much like to actually flare the airplane and not fight its float all the way down from 30ft. Thanks.
  4. I am not sure. this is what my standard view looks like.
  5. I have a 27" 1080p monitor with 100 render scaling and TAA AA. I have had no issues reading the displays. they are a bit small, but still readable.
  6. Ok. Well then hope I Asobo gets it implemented soon, because a decent bit of immersion is lost seeing the HUD display from any angle. looks like my FS9 HUD from the Ifly.
  7. only change the fuel factor if you find that you are burning more or less fuel than what simbrief calculates. we can only find if that needs changed with lots of flights and data.
  8. These are straight out of the manuals and the books from Bombardier. The only thing I was unable to find was the individual pax weight so I've set it at 185, a number I found surfing the forums. let me know if the links work fine. CRJ-550 https://www.simbrief.com/system/dispatch.php?sharefleet=eyJ0cyI6IjE2MTcwNTAwOTUwNzQiLCJiYXNldHlwZSI6IkNSSjUiLCJjb21tZW50cyI6IkFFUk9TT0ZUIENSSi01NTAiLCJpY2FvIjoiQ1JKNyIsIm5hbWUiOiJDUkotNTUwIiwiZW5naW5lcyI6IkNGMzQtOEM1QjEiLCJyZWciOiJOODA2U0siLCJmaW4iOiI4MDYiLCJzZWxjYWwiOiIiLCJoZXhjb2RlIjoiIiwiY2F0IjoiTSIsInBlciI6IkMiLCJlcXVpcCI6IlNERkdJUldZWiIsInRy
  9. I'm working on a profile right now.
  10. Just a quick question with the HGS. It seems to be a flat display overlaid onto the glass. With the default 787, it is collimated and can only be seen from certain angles, like the real thing. I would ask if it is a sim limitation, but that couldn't be. is there a way to implement that into the CRJ?
  11. Or even the possibility of adding a tiller through the Tablet. There is a lack of steering with the tiller in MSFS. @Mathijs Kok When you taxi the CRJ too fast (over 10kts i've found) and make a turn, the nose wheel shows that the aircraft should be turning sharply, but the aircraft is only turning slightly, so the nose wheel is just skidding across the ground and balding the tires.
  12. Hello! I met up with my friend who is a CRJ Captain for a regional with a couple thousand hours on it for his opinions on your CRJ for MSFS. He does not own MSFS or any sim, but was still interested in trying it out! Overall he was stunned by how close it is in accuracy. He did mention a few small things he found incorrect which I will list below. These are all things he noticed when making a flight with it. 1. When selecting the audio input to PA and then selecting a call button and then switching the audio input off of PA, the lights will automatically extinguish, this is n
  13. I agree with everyone saying it is off. out of curiosity I sent it to my friend, a CRJ Captain with thousands of hours on them, and he agreed that it is not right. He said the sound inside the cockpit at altitude sounds like this video and sent this link. Multi-Camera 4K COCKPIT FLIGHT Bombardier CRJ-900 Tallinn - Berlin FULL AUDIO - YouTube This should be addressed as hearing the outside wind noise inside the cockpit is very off and not at all enjoyable. Telling us to just adjust the environment slider really doesn't help much since that would decrease the other sounds. a custom s
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