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CRJ crash in VR back to desktop


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I have a problem and I can't find any answers or solutions. MSFS crashes back to desktop every time I switch to VR. It only happens when I try to fly the CRJ. Does someone have the same problem? Or better does someone have a solution?

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On 24.3.2021 at 07:22, piccoloflyerr sagte:

same here, I have to fly any other plane in VR first then switch to CRJ 700 in VR mode , do not switch to 2D mode or sim will CTD

This actually workes for me too. I have to load in with any other plane in VR and after that no more crashes with the CRJ. I can even switch to 2D and back without crashing back to Desktop. It's not perfect but at least I can know fly the plane (I play only in VR). Thank you very much for this tipp. I would have never came up with that.


Vor 1 Stunde, Albix sagte:

FYI I have the same problem with Rift S.

Maybe try this too.

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This might be worth trying...


I often never got a CTD although it would happen occasionally when switching to VR. For me SteamVR would end up in a loop of switching back to VR Home. I would often be forced to end the FS2020 process.


I had months of playing happily when this issue suddenly happened out the blue. With many hours of tearing my hair our it turned out to be something to do with the panels, even though I had never used any panels. Anyway, i used the tab menu with the option to reset panels and then the problem went away and VR started working.


Not sure if this is related to your problem but I thought it worth sharing anyway as a possible cause, among many others, of causing VR to not work.

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Hello everyone, i am experiencing freezing of the sim, i also fly in VR but the game completely freezes in mid-air or shortly after take off, it also freezes when i switch VR off. 

I am really desperate i do not know what to do i had last 5 flights that way. I think two flights before the sim crashed, but since then it freezes every damn flight. :(


Edit: i forgot to mention i flew 5 times the same route - freezes every time.


I would very much appreciate if someone can give me some advice.


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9 hours ago, Albix said:

Thank you Puppy. Will give a try.

I confirm that the way indicated by Puppy is working for me. Looking forward for a fix to CRJ though.

Many thanks.

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