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  1. Hello, i may be wrong but my observations are that this engine shut down happens only with CRJ 700, the first days i bought it i flew with 550 - no issues, then i flew several flights with 700 - problems started, and last maybe 4 days i am only flying with 550 again and i no longer experience random engines shut down. Funny thing is that i also experienced several game crashes and game freezing while flying 700, but when flying 550 all seems good.
  2. Thank you SimWare, the throttle is now working for me. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to enjoy this sim, because it is crashing to desktop so often. For the last 8 flights i had only one flight when the game did not crashed. So many issue with this sim, i do not know if it is CRJ or just the base game but if it is not crashing it is freezing irreversibly, beside that the engines just shut down randomly (had more than once per flight). 😭😢 I think i am done trying, i really do hope in upcoming updates this will be solved.
  3. Same happens to me, engines randomly shutting down while taxiing to the runway or in mid-flight. Is there at least any way to load last flight plan? Every time plane shuts down itself i need to fill the whole flight plan again, and when i have 10 to 15 airways it is really frustrating.
  4. Hi, i have the axis mapped the same way, i will give a try to mapp throttle decrease as well and recalibrate in sim. Thank you for your reply.
  5. No not the only one. I have Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and the throttle jumps forth and back exactly as you have described. I am also flying in DCS so i know this is not the hardware issue.
  6. Hello everyone, i am experiencing freezing of the sim, i also fly in VR but the game completely freezes in mid-air or shortly after take off, it also freezes when i switch VR off. I am really desperate i do not know what to do i had last 5 flights that way. I think two flights before the sim crashed, but since then it freezes every damn flight. Edit: i forgot to mention i flew 5 times the same route - freezes every time. I would very much appreciate if someone can give me some advice.
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