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  1. Mate the plane is awesome but you do have to actually do some work with it compared to the A320 and other FBW type planes. This is very much a hands on aircraft and I love it for that. This and the DC-6 keep me playing even though the A320 is fun but easy
  2. Yes it does work for the left hand side of the buttons but that is good enough for me as I can now click them. The area clickable does get smaller the further away and more of an angle the button is at but its still useable so thanks so much for this!
  3. Firing up the Sim now. As a VR flyer it was getting very frustrated so praying this works just as well in VR.
  4. Thanks for that I guess I will just assign a button to the heading bug as have a Virpil throttle and stick.
  5. Tried that and sadly for me at least doesnt do anything at all. The program instantly closes.
  6. Well gave that a go and sadly doesnt do anything. Program doesnt run and closes in a split second. Not sure if there are any specific file location the fix folder has to be but tried a few but nothing worked.
  7. I mean in general with all those new additions disabled I can do everything in VR bar the heading bug so i just rotate the dial to my heading but it would be easier to push the button but doesnt worry me that much.
  8. The only issue I am having with the cockpit in VR is pressing the heading bug in, just cant get that function to change to a pointer and let me push it in
  9. Maybe say what headset you are using because I havent crashed once in VR using the HP Reverb G2.
  10. Well not gone that high (maybe that is the issue?) but the 24000 I entered worked fine. Found this online - Maximum Operating Altitude? - 41,000 feet
  11. Will fire up my Reverb G2 now and see if it crashes in WMR UPDATE : Loaded fine in to EDDM on the G2.
  12. Unlikely because as soon as its released this thread is being closed they said.
  13. Well he has a PPL so I feel he must know something about proper flying.
  14. Sleep time is approaching steadily so seems like its the morning for me
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