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Wonky lateral navigation

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The autopilot on NAV intermittently has massive issues tracking a straight line between two waypoints and ends up banking left and right like mad until it manages to capture it again some time later. Happens on both sharp and very slight turns, at low speeds, high speeds, low altitudes and high altitudes.

Yes, I'm setting payload via the EFB. Yes, on the simulator weight menu the CG slider is all the way to the right. No, there is no input from my joystick axis.


You really need to take a look at this again and fix it.

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Having the same issue , tried pretty much everything you've listed above already as well. In addition to that imo the aircraft behaves pretty weird on takeoff and landing. Else I really like the aircraft but I hope they can fix it in the near future :)

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Ditto here, plane is in the hanger now due to this issue. I did not purchase the CRJ in P3D but understand this was an ongoing problem on that platform as well? This CRJ is really an amazing simulation. But if it can't follow lateral nav dependably then it removes all the fun of flying her. I'm surprised to not see more complaints on the forum about this - is there some setting on the user side that can be optimized to fix this? Or, is this a known issue with the current state of the MSFS SDK? I don't fly the default Longitude at all because of the same issue, but in fact it's even worse on the CRJ.  I'm hopeful that this will be fixed in the next update, would really like to hear Aerosoft confirm this is being looked at and corrected?

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