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  1. Makes sense at the pricepoint, custom made Garmins would basically be their own seperate product. It's also not surprising, considering PMDG puts the Asobo Garmin into the DC6 (You're obviously supposed to go oldschool on that bird ). That said, I assume ongoing updates to them from Asobo will just work and so they'll get more capable over time? Not a big deal to me though, I wouldn't use a Twotter with complex flightplans anyway, so the Asobo stuff should be just fine for this one.
  2. Can confirm. Once the changes are executed the framerate goes back to normal.
  3. Binding the single throttle axis to both throttle 1 and throttle 2 and setting the CRJ for dual axis throttle seems to work. Also if updating the aircraft requires manual deletion of certain files, that instruction really should be included somewhere in the installation process.
  4. Let's hope they actually managed to fix the issues this time, I'm not looking forward to the 2+ months wait for the next patch otherwise.
  5. I doubt this is the cause because it stops happening as soon as you switch to Heading mode. Resetting the AP (Cycling FD off and back on) also tends to fix it.
  6. The autopilot on NAV intermittently has massive issues tracking a straight line between two waypoints and ends up banking left and right like mad until it manages to capture it again some time later. Happens on both sharp and very slight turns, at low speeds, high speeds, low altitudes and high altitudes. Yes, I'm setting payload via the EFB. Yes, on the simulator weight menu the CG slider is all the way to the right. No, there is no input from my joystick axis. You really need to take a look at this again and fix it.
  7. This seems like a terrible way to design reverser input
  8. The WT CJ4 is more Vatsim capable than the FBW A320.
  9. 6.5 hours to go unless the guys in Seattle delay, which I kinda expect Those release giveaway streams should probably be moved to tomorrow 🤣
  10. This thread will be fun when MS in Seattle update their marketplace at like 3pm pacific.
  11. My first flight is just going to be the tutorial flight EDLP-EDDM, I've wanted to buy simwings Munich anyway since it's my home airport, so now's a good a time as any. Just never felt right taking the CJ4 into the massive airports. After that ... I'll just let Simtoolkitpro spit out some random routes and go from there.
  12. If that doesn't work, here's another solution: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/no-stars-into-kord/3939/7
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