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  1. ILS seems to not be picking up, but I recall this being an issue prior to the hotfix as well.
  2. Hans, I noticed using this work around that performance appears to decrease. I mentioned this in a previous post where my fps dropped a fair amount after doing this. I uninstalled, deleted all folders, and reinstalled to find my performance increased (speed tape was stuck again). Have you seen this?
  3. Does this cause any performance decrease? I swear after doing this, my performance has dropped a bit. Nothing earth shattering, but I'm limited by mainthread now which wasn't an issue prior. ****Just to update this, there is definitely a performance decrease when you use this method. I went step-by-step with this and my fps dropped from the 60's down to the 30s/40s with a bunch of mainthread issues. I uninstalled, removed all folders, and reinstalled and my fps are consistently back up in the 60s and 70s. Obviously I don't understand this enough to explain why, but wondering if this can be elaborated on. Of course, after the reinstall I now have the issue I previously had where the speed tape is not working. So I guess I need to wait for an official update.
  4. Any chance you could inform us when the update will be released?
  5. I am also experiencing this same issue as well with the update.
  6. Are there any planned updates for the CRJ with the upcoming 27th update? Would be nice to know for anyone who may have been testing in the beta.
  7. Not sure if you saw but the solution for me was a reinstall. Thanks!
  8. Reinstall seemed to fix the issues. Anyway I can verify that 1.0.4 is actually installed other than the update app? Glad the strobes are fixed now.
  9. I opened the updater and it said an update was available. I applied the update but didn’t uninstall or remove anything first. My plan this evening when I get home is to completely uninstall and reinstall to see if that corrects it.
  10. Just to show that it was updated.l the other day if it helps.
  11. Was able to remote into my computer. My strobe file is labeled differently. The date also doesn’t seem to match but I checked the main folder and it shows others that were updated on 5/29.
  12. Sorry for the delay. I’m a career firefighter and on shift. I’ll be home this evening and I’ll check all of these things for you. I purchased this online through the aerosoft store and did the update through the desktop client. Thanks!
  13. Evening, Just got home today and had a chance to do the update. All seems to be working well; however, I noticed my strobes are no longer working. All of the other lights appear to be fine except the strobes. I've attached a video I captured (sorry for the poor quality) below as a streamable link. Let me know if I'm missing something here. I also disabled my strobes button on my alpha/bravo without any success. Thanks for the help! https://streamable.com/xg6tlu
  14. I'll be perfectly honest, if this was the kind of attitude most devs had with issues that were plaguing their product, folks would be more than happy to tolerate the issues until it's fixed. I applaud Hans for taking this step to correct the issue.
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