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FMS bug regarding SIDs with a transition point.

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Hi guys, I think there is a bug regarding SID with transition. 


Behavior as follow:


Spawned at gate, cold and dark.

I inputted CYYZ and CYQT as origin and destination, RW05 departure - Execute.

Selected SID, I chose the NUGOP5 SID with MUSIT transition. 

The correct sequence for this SID is:

MEMPA -> SIDVU -> AVSEP -> NUGOP ->PEPMA ->MUSIT(transition)

What I see in the LEGS page is:

SIDVU -> AVSEP -> NUGOP ->PEPMA ->MUSIT(transition) -> Discontinuity -> MEMPA ->Discontinuity


I was able to replicate this behavior in a couple of other airports as well (KDFW) with SIDs.TRANSITION type of departure.

These kind of departures are quite common in North America, but not so much in Europe, where waypoints "split up" at the end of a SID, creating SID.TRANSITION departures.

It looks like the FMS will put the FIRST point in a SID at the END of that SID in FMS. 

This behavior was present on both the native AIRAC it shipped with as well as Navigraph AIRAC for CRJ. 


JEPPESEN chart attached.



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