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  1. Yea I agree. There were clearly few game breaking bugs, and it's been a while since CRJ had an update. Worries me a bit about the fate of the Twin Otter...
  2. I know it's WIP but some flames/smokes during engine start up would be super cool!
  3. Oh wow, thats a pretty impressive speed. Kudos to both you guys and Asobo for pushing it out so quickly.
  4. Only If I could fly it with my single axis throttle T_T
  5. I think it has been a problem even before the update. kinda just broke the ILS and G/S
  6. Can we expect an update this week?
  7. Remove the liveries. My CRJ works just fine. But some CRJ liveries and N20X liveries are causing CTD.
  8. Same issue here, GS and LOC will capture normally, but it will stop following the GS at around 1000 ft AGL. It happens for literally every single ILS approach. I really hope their QA did at lease one ILS landing before publishing the patch
  9. http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/en/aircraft-current/cc-138.page
  10. Again as I said, without going into that type of depth. JustFlight Arrow III already do it locally, it will save the state of the airplane between sessions, so I was just wondering if it can be done in CRJ.
  11. Oh I did not know that, but that's not quite what I meant. I was trying to say to save the position of switches etc in between new flight. So regardless of where you landed and where your next flight is going to originate from, the positions of the switches are always saved from the previous flight after you landed and shut down. So for example, If I landed at JFK and shut down the plane, but forgot to turn the anti ice switch off, and on second day I decided I wanna start my flight from DFW, the anti ice switch will still be armed. The JustFlight arrow III currently does this, which is quite nice because not only you will just care about getting from cold and dark to flight ready, you will also pay attention to properly shut down all the systems as well because it will effect your next start up if you don't. I don't know how they implemented it, part of me believe its a lot of work but part of me also thinks MFS might support it without doing too much work
  12. I think it makes procedures like shut down much more important and crucial. Could be a really nice addition. Do you guys think its possible?
  13. Did you try to make small adjustment on the higher range? If you pull back the throttle a little, does your N1 rise ?
  14. Just would like add, for TM 16000M FCS, same issue. so in the "MAN" thrust range (in-game) From 50% to CLB thrust range: When you move the hardware throttle down, N1 bumps up. From 50% to IDLE thrust range: When you move the hardware throttle up, N1 comes down.
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