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  1. Wonder if this is related... Granted all of my testing was on v1.0.0.0 but I didn't see anything in the release notes speaking to this topic. Sure seems like something about how the constraints on the STAR come in, isn't correct.
  2. @Matthew Tunkelo-Bonner I think the question is if you browse through the flight plan or legs within the flight management computer, do you have anything flagged as a discontinuity?
  3. I enter flight plans manually 100% of the time, so that appears to not be the issue.
  4. To circle back to this, I have done the same flight over again (KSAV/10 DCT JROSS DCT FLLGG STOCR3 KCLT/36R). Entered the JROSS and FLLGG directs, and then picked the STOCR3 STAR to 36R all through the FMS. Confirmed all discontinuities fixed. Confirmed cruise alt set FL250. You will not get a TOD marker nor advisory descent profile. However, if you do all of that exactly the same, but then overwrite a constraint on the STAR with information it already has, the TOD marker and descent profile works. In this case specifically, I use the GATEE waypoint - which has a constr
  5. The WT CJ4 is an entirely different product by an entirely different team so I'm not sure how it's relevant here. I'm sure it's great, but to me the only relevant thing here is whether or not the Aerosoft implementation works as intended in relation to the genuine article.
  6. But this isn't an above/below issue. As I showed in a screenshot on the previous page, the waypoint already comes in with an absolute constraint - 210/6000 - and is displayed as such. It just doesn't seem to take effect unless you type over it with the exact same information. I have done all of this as manual setup to avoid any question of file parsing. But yes, same route, and appears that the descent profile only appears if you type over a constraint with the exact same information that it's already showing. I'll have to run through it all again tonight to d
  7. So can we say this is a bug then? Chart I referenced earlier shows a hard speed and altitude constraint. It appears to come in that way to the FMS when picking the STAR. But it seems to only be recognized as such when you type over it, even with the exact same information.
  8. I think I've found it, following @Chaxterium's suggestion. Still don't understand what's going on exactly or if this is expected behavior. The route, for those following along at home: KSAV/10 DCT JROSS DCT FLLGG STOCR3 KCLT/36R, cruising at FL250. Short flight, like ~40 minutes in the air. If we pull up the STOCR3 approach plate, when heading towards 36R there is a constraint at GATEE: 210 kts, 6000 feet. I can confirm, as shown below, that this automatically came in when I picked the STOCR3 approach. This was also after I set FL250 as my cruise altitude in VNAV, and f
  9. I experienced this yesterday but was just after I changed some throttle settings so I dismissed it, shut the computer down, and figured I'd check it out again at a later date. But yes I had this, was rainy, starting at a gate at KBNA, and had to use an insane amount of thrust to get the plane to move at all. Something didn't seem right. (And yes I double, triple, quadruple checked parking brake was off and chocks removed).
  10. jerseytom

    APU start

    Well to be fair, I don't do the fire test and my APU starts up just fine with the plane in C&D configuration...
  11. @Traikus What would be interesting would be if you re-did that flight but just didn't select the SID. Like KMCO/36R DCT MLB ANNEY4.MLB KMIA/30
  12. Right. I'm saying - I already had a variety of altitude constraints on the descent, as automatically brought in by the STAR and ILS approach. But even with that, no TOD nor descent profile.
  13. I can say that I have had altitude constraints in my flight plan, as part of the STAR, but again I've been avoiding SIDs. And with the speed and altitude constraints on the STAR there was no TOD or descent profile.
  14. If you can grab a screenshot of this - PFD, MFD, A/P controls - I think it'd be easier to diagnose.
  15. Likewise, unless I'm missing something I'm fairly certain I've got the cruise alt and destination runway set. But, I'll walk through my typical process. First, POS INIT entering my origin airport, and copy that lat/long down to current location. Moving to flight plan I enter the origin airport, destination airport, alternate airport, and originating runway. I'll enter en-route waypoints, then go to the departure / arrivals page and select my destination approach (e.g. ILS36R), the STAR, and transition. Execute that, go to LEGS page and clean up any discontinuities, execute that. Th
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